Larry was born in New York City where he began his photography career in his parents basement developing black and white prints using his mother’s soup bowls as trays. Surviving that experiment he went on to apprentice for the photographer Hans Namuth.

Following that he began working on his own in editorial and advertising photography. After years as a working photographer shooting for magazines including ArtNews, New York, Vogue, Art and Antiques as well as for many of the biggest ad agencies and clients and he returned to school to deepen his relationship to his art.

In 2001 he received a degree in Visual Arts from Columbia University. Since then he has continued his commercial career as well as persuing his own projects. His favorite activity is taking road trips and immersing himself in exploring local cultures through the people he meets in the places he visits. He has been included in many museum and art gallery exhibitions. Larry currently lives in NYC with his wife and daughter and they spend their summers in the Austrian Alps.

In an effort to give back Larry began shooting school pictures for his daughter’s nursery school and lo and behold it turned into a new business “Cool for School Photo”. Please have a look coolforschoolphoto.com.